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We'll Consult with Your Insurance Hassle-Free!

We make the insurance verification process easy for you! As soon as we wrap-up your quick and easy phone consultation, our team will immediately conduct a pre-check with your insurance plan to verify your test coverage. Normally we will have an answer the same day. You can also expect a SMS text message from our company once this process is complete.

We Work Hand-in-Hand With Your Provider!

As soon as we conclude verification of your insurance coverage, our team will send a lab form to your healthcare provider by fax. They will decide if this test is beneficial for you. Your lab form will have 3 small sections for your provider to fill in. These sections include a checkbox to select which test panel will be performed, an area for medical codes, and a line for your provider's signature. In most cases your healthcare provider will have your lab form completed and sent back to us within 1-2 weeks. You can speed this process up by giving their office a quick phone call to confirm your interest in the test. We may also SMS text message you during this process with updates.

Sit Back and Relax While We Send You Your Kit!

Once we receive your completed lab form back from your healthcare provider, our team will quickly package your test kit and send it to you. Your test kit will arrive in a blue Apollo Genetics box which is approximately 3 inches tall, 6 inches deep, and 9 inches wide. You can expect your kit to arrive in 3-4 business days through FedEx. We will also send you a tracking link in the email you have provided us so you can follow your shipment all the way to arrival! You may also receive a notification when your package has been delivered.

Need Assistance Performing Your Mouth Swab Test?...

No problem! Once your testing kit is delivered to you, a specialized walkthrough member of our team will give you a call. They will guide you through each step in real time to help you complete what's necessary. Your kit will contain all the necessary contents to perform your test including an individual swab, instructions sheet, lab form for your signature, bio bag, and Apollo grip grabber. You may also give us a call for assistance in completing your test. Our agents are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Your Comprehensive Results Made Easy!

You can expect to receive your test results in as little as two weeks upon our lab obtaining your sample. For our patients who perform our Respiratory Pathogen Panel test, results are typically ready in 3-7 days of obtaining a sample. Your results will then be delivered to yourself and your healthcare provider. These will arrive through USPS in a tall, white envelope with an Apollo Genetics logo on the top left corner. 

A Bright and Healthy Future Ahead for You!

Your testing process is now complete! You may now use the results of your test to improve the quality of your health. Your results are comprehensive and simple to understand. Your healthcare provider may also work with you to discuss your test results and develop a care plan to enhance your well-being.  Genetic counseling may also be available for you in developing a health plan for a better future.

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