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Genetic Screening Kit

How to Get Started with Your Genetic Screening Kit

Getting signed up to receive your insurance-covered genetic test is a simple process. A qualifying specialist from our company will give you quick and easy phone call with a few questions to help get you qualified.

  • Once you are qualified to received your genetics test, we will send a requisition form to the healthcare provider of your choice. 
  • As soon as your healthcare  provider has approved you for genetic testing and sent back the completed requisition form to us, an easy to use oral or nasal swab test kit will be provided to you by your physician or sent by mail to your home. 
  • Upon completion of your oral or nasal collection sample, you will then mail the sample to our genetics lab using the instructions included in your kit for your screening to be completed. 
  • A pre-paid postage envelope will be provided for your convenience. Results are typically ready for you and your physician within 2-3 weeks or less after our lab has received your sample.


Oral or Nasal Swab Collection Instructions


  • Access step-by-step instructions to perform your DNA swab collection sample here. It is important to not eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for a minimum of 30 minutes before collecting your DNA sample. 
  • A walkthrough specialist will also give you a call when your kit is delivered to you for guidance on how to complete the oral or nasal swab. 
  • You may also reach out to us by phone or text or visit your healthcare provider for assistance in performing the test. 

Additional Oral or Nasal Swab Kit Instructions

Step 1


  • Do not let the sponge tip come in contact with any other surfaces before or after collection of saliva or nasal sample.

Step 2


  • Follow instructions on the single page instruction sheet included with your kit. This can also be found on the backside of the collection swab packet.

Step 3

  • Once your sample is collected, place the sample collection tube inside the bio bag and insert the requisition form inside the clear pocket found on the backside of the bio bag.

Step 4

  • If your kit was mailed to you, you will need to check, sign, and date the requisition form included with your kit. We will have highlighted where to check, sign, and date for your convenience.

Step 5


  • Place the bio bag inside the blue Apollo Genetics box and use the Apollo Genetics sticker to seal the box.

Step 6


  • Place the box into your mailbox or drop it off at any postal drop off location (Postage has already been prepaid).

DNA Collection Kit

  • Your compact testing kit box with Apollo Genetics label containing all the necessary equipment for you to conduct your swab test is shipped to yourself or your provider.

  • Q-Tip shaped buccal(mouth) or nasopharyngeal(nose) swab in your kit, which is used to collect your saliva or nasal sample and then placed in a special liquid to preserve your DNA upon transit to our lab. Details on how to carefully apply Q-Tip swab are listed on inside of the enclosed bag.

  • Biohazard bag is provided for extra safety in making sure your sample is stored properly. This will protect your sample from any possible outside contaminants as your specimen is shipped to our lab.

  • Requisition form with your information, as well as your provider's information, is included for your signature of approval to run your test. Instructions form also included with simple, step-by-step directions on how to perform your saliva mouth swab collection. 

  • You will also receive your own Apollo Genetics easy-gripper to use as assistance in opening your testing kit package. Can also be used as a coaster.

  • Your testing kit will be prepaid shipped through FedEx to your residence or to the office of the provider you choose to approve your test. Shipping time is usually around 4-5 business days or less following signed approval from your doctor on the requisition form.


If you have any additional questions about how to perform your oral swab test, please call 8am-5pm CST at (833) 757-0751.

“I was excited about [the test]! Some of my family members have passed away from cancer, so to have information from my genetics that I may be at risk for specific cancer types helps out in a big way to prevent cancer. You can have precautions if you do your homework but if you don’t do it, and don’t get tested, then before you know it, it will be too late. The best part is that it really isn’t even a real hassle at all, Apollo made this so easy to do. All of the representatives there are helpful, respectful, and very explanatory. I need instructions to even use my cellphone, so when Stockton called and actually took the time to walk me through the kit I was very pleased, he was an excellent gentleman I might add, and you can tell that all of their employees have excellent training.” -Victoria L.

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