Financial Assistance Program

The Apollo Promise

Insurance can be complicated, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing what you’ll owe. We promise that if your out - of pocket cost could be more than $100, we’ll call you before we process your test.

What to Know About The Cost of an Apollo Test

We Bill Your Insurance - 

We will bill your insurance for the cost of the Apollo test.

What You Owe - 

Insurance plans vary but if you have a traditional Medicare Plan, your cost is typically $0. If you have Medicare Advantage or another insurance, you may be expected to cover a portion of the test. This is where the Apollo Promise will help you.

Billing Insurance Takes Time - 

It will likely be several months before you receive a bill from us, if applicable. We will keep you informed along the way.

Get Assistance from Apollo Genetics

We offer the Apollo Genetics’ Financial Assistance Program to help further reduce your cost. Find out if you qualify using our financial assistance calculator below. Our program is based on household income, number of people in household and other federal guidelines. 
*If your cost is $150 or more, we also have a 12-month, interest-free payment plan.


How The Billing Process Works


Step 1 - Receive Sample

When we've received your sample, we will confirm your cost. If it's over $100, we will call you before processing your test.

Step 2 - Apply for FA

We will then send you an application to pre-qualify for our Financial Assistance Program.

Step 3 - Bill Insurance

After your test is processed, Apollo will submit a claim to your insurance company. 

Step 4 - Your Bill

Your insurance may process your claim and send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - THIS IS NOT A BILL Once your insurance claim is completed, Apollo will send you a statement of what you owe. You can pay online, by phone, or by mail.

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You can also contact us at (855) 322-5120

Financial Information PDF

2022  FA Calculator

Patient Assistance Application