Understand your risk.

Cancer affects all walks of life and research has found between 5-20% of all cases are discovered to be hereditary. Gain awareness of your genes to aid in the prevention of a  future cancer diagnosis for yourself and the generations after you.

“I am adopted and don’t know who my biological parents are. I wanted to do genetic testing to give me more clues on what type of people my parents were. Although I might have a weird gene running through me because of them, it's good to know there wasn’t any big flaming announcements that I was prone to have cancer or that my children would. So, THANKS!”    -Carolyn W. 


“I have recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer they took half of my right kidney because of it. I am in remission now and am very grateful to know that I won't pass on this cancer to anyone in my family. I have had a great experience with your company everyone I have talked to has been very helpful and kind.”   -Deborah S.   


"Cancer runs on my mom's side of the family, I ended up with squamous cell carcinoma and im glad to know that I didn’t get my cancer from my mother. I haven't talked to my son in many years but I plan to eventually talk to him, letting him know my test results that I didn’t pass any cancer on to him will be a good reason to talk to him and make sure our relationship works out. I appreciate this company very much." -Teddy S.