• Nearly 1 in 4 of our patients discovered an unknown gene mutation linked to cancer and approximately 1 in 14 discovered a positive variant from taking our genetic cancer test.

  • Genetic testing gives you increased knowledge about your unique genetic makeup, and whether yourself and/or your family members may be vulnerable to serious, hereditary illnesses. 

  • Discover how genetic testing can provide you with better insight into your DNA and put you on a better path to living a healthy lifestyle.

“This test helped me to discover a chromosome in my body that could cause Von Hippel disease. I come from a really big family and no one has gotten this test before, so it will be interesting to find out more about this gene and to see how this will affect my children and if it puts them at higher risk.” - Catherine T. 

“After I had a run in with colon cancer and my Mother passed away from it, preventative care became important to me. So, knowing that this preventative care test is pretty thorough has helped to boost my attitude when everything came back clear.”   -Daniel D. 

“My children and I have all found the results to be helpful because we didn’t know anything about my father's medical history except that he died from cancer complications. So, what I like about this test is that it found out a little bit about my father's past medical history and it gives me that sense of relief to be able to say that I don’t have [my father's cancer] so my children and grandchildren can’t get it either.”   -Sherry M .