Genetic Screening

We believe genetics is the future of medicine. Many conditions such as certain Cancers, Alzheimer's, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, and other conditions caused by genetic mutations can be identified with precision, allowing health care professionals to aid in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases more accurately. Technology is leading the way in fighting disease and we're excited that our lab is helping to make this possible. Often these screenings are covered by Medicare with little to no out-of-pockets costs. Insurance plans may vary.

Our focus in next generation genomics, such as Cancer Genetic, Pharmacogenetics, and carrier screening is our passion. These tests can help determine whether you or your loved ones are at risk for life-threatening side effects or diseases. Early detection can be key for preventing the development of serious illnesses and can help to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Diagnosis of cancer is on the rise in adults and children of all ages and Cancer can be found in genes that have been mutated over time, for which children may then be susceptible to inheriting.

Many people are prescribed a long list of medications, often dealing with harsh side effects and knowing which medications will work best can be found by looking at one's genetic makeup.
Preparing for children can require a range of safety measures to ensure a safe birth and healthy life of a child. Awareness of a parent's genetic makeup can help uncover mutated genes linked to diseases that could be passed down to children.

“I was surprised to find that there was something you found, but that is why you do the testing; it found an abnormality that I didn’t even know was in my genes. To be warned ahead of time about what I need to do to prevent cancer was a big help to me and my family, because now we all know to get tested. Thankfully my doctor is the one that pursued this and diagnosed my throat cancer and then treated it! Now I know that it can come back, I wasn’t prepared for it but this test is making me prepared.” -Lorna T.


"We are pleased to be working with Apollo Lab Group to provide Cancer Genetics Screening for our patients. Apollo has made the process simple and painless for the patient and staff. Since early detection is key with any cancer treatment, this service is invaluable." 

 -Motley Family Medical


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